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Detailed cleaning check list:

Here is a list of what we  do for our residential clients. If there is anything else we can clean  for you that we don’t have listed, please just ask us! We would be happy  to customize a package to fit your needs and almost any budget.


Clean and sanitize the kitchen counters

Clean and sanitize sink and faucet

Clean the outside of all kitchen small appliances

Clean inside and outside of microwave oven

Clean and sanitize stove top

Clean and sanitize exterior dishwasher

Clean and sanitize exterior over door

Clean and sanitize kitchen island

Clean front of refrigerator (as long its clutter free)

Disinfect, floors sweep and mop 

Clean and sanitize nook table

Disinfect door knobs (upon request)


Dust dressers and night stands

Dust headboard and foot board

Dust knickknacks (or dust around per request)

Dust lamps and shades

Dust clocks

Vacuum carpet or sweep floors

Mop and sanitize floors

Disinfect door knobs (upon request)


Clean and sanitize vanity

Clean and sanitize sink and faucets

Clean and sanitize bath tubs

Clean and sanitize shower stall doors, surrounding glass and base

Clean and sanitize toilet bowls

Clean and sanitize toilet tissue holder

Clean mirrors

Vacuum carpet or sweep floors

Mop and sanitize floors

Put out fresh towels (if left out) and place soiled ones in specific area

Empty wastebaskets and replace with liner (if applicable)

Disinfect door knobs (upon request)

Dining Room

Dust furniture

Dust lamps and shades

Vacuum carpet or sweep floors

Mop and sanitize floors

Disinfect door knobs (upon request)

Living Room

Vacuum carpet or sweep floors

Mop and sanitize floors

Dust furniture

Dust lamps and shades

General straightening of sofa pillows and or cushions 

Disinfect door knobs (upon request)

Den (if applicable)

Vacuum carpets or sweep floors

Mop and sanitize floors

Dust furniture

General straightening of sofa pillows or cushions

Disinfect door knobs (upon request)

Entry/Hall Ways

Vacuum carpet or sweep (please pick up runners or rugs)

Mop and sanitize floors (please pick up runners or rugs)

Dust furniture


Extra services upon request for an additional charge:  

___Make bed with existing sheets on bed ($7.00 per bed)

___Change bed linens and put soiled ones in specified area ($8.00 per bed)

___Vacuum furniture ($10.00 per piece)

___Clean up two standard size patio doors ($8.00)

___Clean door with mirror ($5.00)

___Clean glass on a single entry or patio door ($5.00 each)

___Dust and polish cabinets in kitchen (Starting at $20.00)

___Dust blinds ($3.00 per item-standard size--$4.00 each over sized)

___Dust off window sills ($1.00 per sill)

___Clean ceiling fan and light kit ($8.00 per item)

___Load the dishwasher ($7.00 per load)

___Unload the dishwasher ($8.00 per load)

___Hand wash dishes, pots and pans (Starting at $10.00)

___Clean out refrigerator or freezer (Starting at $15.00)

___Laundry Day - customer provides the equipment and supplies 

     (4 load minimum, $15.00 per load)

___Window Day - clean interior windows and sills (starting at $7.00 per window)

___Preparing a room to be vacuum and clean ($15.00 I.E. picking up clothes, 

     coins, toys or etc)

___Sweep patio or exterior entry (depending on size)

___Sweep front or back porch (depending on size)



Amount: $_____________

By signing this customized check list you agree with the "Amount" and services listed above.

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