Estimate Page


Apartments or Condominiums Cleans 

Apartment cleaning service starting at $75.00

Home Cleans 

House cleaning service starting at $125.00

Here are a few things that are consider when giving out estimates:    

*How well maintained is your home?

*How many bathrooms are in your home? 

*Are the floors mostly tile, wood or carpet?
*Are there pets in the home?
*Are there many knickknacks on  tables, counters or etc.?
*Are there a lot of items on the floor that need to be moved or picked up?

*Is this bi-weekly or monthly service?

Please  keep in mind we are registered with the State of Texas and the IRS, insured, background checks have been processed by our insurance carrier and uniforms are worn.

We give 100% to Customer Satisfaction, read our Home Page for more details. 

Prices are subject to Change without notice.

We greatly appreciate YOUR business!

“We Don’t Cut Corners, We Clean Them.”