Business Cleaning


There are several reasons why a business may use an office cleaning service. These services are not only  used for cosmetic purposes, but also because there are health code requirements to be met as well as certain rules made by building owners. The main reason for using a cleaning service is to make a good  impression on customers and clients who visit the business, but there  are other important reasons as well:

  • Benefits of a clean office include higher worker morale and reduction of illness. 
  • A good sanitation of surfaces can kill viruses and germs lurking there. 
  • Workplace accidents can be prevented from the removal of debris by a business cleaning service. 
  • Lastly, it can be more cost-effective to use a service since it takes time to manage a cleaning staff. 

The duties of a business cleaning services will vary from business to business. These are just a few standard services we offer:  

  • Floors: swept, mopped, sanitized, vacuumed 
  • Lobbies and Common Areas: lobby door cleaned, common areas mopped, vacuumed 
  • Conference Room: chalk or marker tray cleaned, erasers vacuumed. Furniture waxed and dusted 
  • Office Cleaning and Maintenance: trash removed, surfaces dusted and cleaned 
  • Restroom and Kitchen: cleaned, sanitized