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We are a cleaning company and have been cleaning homes for over 10 years. After long consideration, in 2011 we decided to become a  corporation and name it Corporate Cleaning Services of North Texas.

The main purpose we decided to do this, is so we could continue to meet  the public’s expectations and expand our company to better serve our customers.


We are registered with the State of Texas, Internal Revenue Service, we carry liability insurance for your protection. When we walk into your home or business, you can feel at ease that you are dealing with a true and reputable company who cares about their customers.

If you Google our company name we come up within the first three to four pages of most major search engines.   

Our number one goal is CUSTOMER SERVICE! 

We realize that the customer signs our paycheck and we try everything within our means to keep them content.   

In today’s society it appears that “Customer Service” has become a  commodity. I have experienced this first hand in my own personal life. It is hard to find a company nowadays that truly believes in “Customer  Service”, but here at Corporate Cleaning Services of North Texas, we still believe that is very important for today and in the future.   

With over 23 years in the Customer Service industry we realize this is very important for any company to succeed. We also know that you can pick any cleaning company to clean your home or office, but we certainly  would appreciate a moment of your time to allow us to speak to you and let you know how we can work together.   

With all that said we like to hear from you, to discuss how we can work together!

Feel free to send us an email (info@corpcleaningtexas.com) or call us at (469) 941-2051.   

We appreciate your future business! 

Ernest Flores

CEO/Service Manager  

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