Model Home Cleaning


Keeping your  inventory homes clean is very important, as you have potential buyers visiting them often. You want to put your best foot forward in making  a good impression while showing the homes. Let us assist you  with keeping them clean and presentable.

We can help with the following:              

  • Home Cleaning and Maintenance: trash removed, surfaces dusted and cleaned
  • Floors: swept, sanitized and or vacuumed
  • Counter Tops/ Cabinets: cleaned and or sanitized, streak free
  • Appliances and Vent Hoods: cleaned and or polished
  • Restrooms and Kitchen: cleaned and or sanitized
  • Sinks, Shower Stalls, Bath Tubs, Towel bars: cleaned and sanitized
  • Faucets: cleaned, spot free and shinning
  • Mirrors: cleaned and left streak or spot free
  • Light fixtures and Ceiling Fans: cleaned and cob web free
  • Light switches: dusted and finger print free
  • Interior Windows, Blinds: cleaned, dusted and finger print free
  • Window Ledges and Doors/Door Frames: dusted and saw dust and sheet rock free
  • Stairwell: cleaned and or polished and vacuumed
  • Power Washing: front and back porches, garage floors, driveways and front sidewalks 

Let us assist the following frequencies and stages:  

  • Daily
  • Weekly 
  • Bi-Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Rough
  • Finals
  • Closings
  • Touch Ups


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“We Don’t Cut Corners, We Clean Them.”