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Questions and Answers
So, you are thinking about getting a professional home cleaning  service. Make sure you ask the right questions during the interview. Here are some questions to ask, and responses you should hear, from a reliable and professional home Cleaning Service Company. 

Why should I consider using

Corporate Cleaning Services of North Texas to clean my home?

First of all, we are a reliable and trustworthy local cleaning company.
We take pride in what we do and make sure it is done correctly!
WE really CARE about YOUR home and treat it as if it was our own!
We will accommodate YOUR request to the best of our ability.
We train our employees to clean and communicate in a professional matter with our customers.
We actually use an employee's home as part of our pilot cleaning program.
If a problem arises, please let us know. We will try our best to resolve the matter.
Our Customers and Employees make a successful company!
We know our customers sign our pay checks and WE thank you!  

Are we insured and how does that work? 

Yes. The insurance protects the  home owner against things that may have been broken during the cleaning process. If this should occur, it needs to be reported to the cleaning company with 48 hours. Make sure you ask for current proof of insurance.
Do you perform background checks on all of your employees?   

Yes. We do backgrounds checks and call references, before we hire employees and send them into a customer's homes.

Are you registered with the State of Texas?

Yes we are. 

How do you keep my key safe? 

Keys  are not linked to any specific address when they are retained by us.  The keys are coded, placed on key ring, locked in a safe, and only the  house cleaning company will have access to your key.

How is my credit card information is kept safe? 

We currently do not accept credit cards.    

What occurs if something gets  damaged or turns up missing?

No one is happy when these things happen. This is why back ground checks are run, train our employees thoroughly and carry insurance. Unfortunately, breakage happens occasionally even with the most experienced and science professionals. If this should occur, the  homeowner will be notified and a solution will be discuss. Also, if an  employee sees something unsafe they will notify the homeowner (I.E. exterior doors or windows were not locked, home alarm system was not set, cracked window, scissors were found on the floor or etc).

What do I expect the house cleaner to do?

Discuss with  your house cleaner during the interview on what they will do and what you want done. Set a policy for this beforehand, so that both parties  know what will be done.

Do you have special instructions?

If you have a special item you  don't want broken or damaged, then remove it from the area to be  cleaned. 

Also, mention to your housekeeper about areas to "watch out"  for in your home -- for example, the mini blinds that can only be  opened slowly or they may break. The same goes for areas of your home  you do not want cleaned or that you'd like to be off-limits. 
Do you have a service guarantee, if I am not happy with the cleaning?  

If the homeowner is home, we ask  them to do a thorough walk thru while we accompany them. If something  needs to be corrected, we will make the correction at that time. If the  homeowner is not home, we follow up with a phone call, email or text. If  you are not completely satisfied with your cleaning, please call our  office within 24 hours of your service date and we will re-clean the area which you are dissatisfied with at no charge to you.

Do I get a follow up call after my first cleaning?

Yes, after  your first house cleaning we make every effort to call you within 48 hours to make sure you are satisfied with our service. We like to earn  your business and maintain your home on a regular basis. Our business is  based on "Customer Service". If you are not happy with an area that was  not done to your satisfaction, please call us within 48 hours and we  will do back and take care of it, at no charge.
Should I Tip My House Cleaner? 

While tipping is left to the client’s  discretion, everyone should consider tipping their professional house  cleaner, especially if they provided excellent service. It's customary  to tip servers at a restaurant, bellboys and others. A professional home cleaner is also providing a highly personalized service deserving of a gratuity.  While  it's customary to tip a food server 15% to 20% of the total bill, the  average tip for a professional house cleaner is 15% to20%. 

We recommend leaving the gratuity in the specified area that payment is normally left. For most house cleaners, there's nothing more rewarding  than getting a thank you in the form of some extra cash and or a note. Not only do they appreciate it, it's an important part of their income and truly appreciated.

Your prices or rates are higher than some others website's, ads or estimates I have received. How is this justified. Because  you are dealing with trained professionals. We invest in employees  training and safety. Industry standards, understanding cleaning products and the correct use of such products in all cleaning applications. These measures insure a professional quality clean.

Is there a cancellation policy?

It depends on the circumstance. If  your house cleaner becomes sick or if you have a sudden change in schedule, decide beforehand how you will handle such changes, how you  will contact each other and what will be done to reschedule a missed cleaning appointment.

How can we afford a housekeeper in today’s economy?    

Take a look at the budget and agree to pull funds from existing budget for  this service. Volunteer expenditures you could easily cut back on like  the calorie-packed $5.00 specialty coffee you buy every morning or all  those subscriptions to magazines you don’t have time to read. You can  schedule service in different frequencies your budget will allow:  weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. Check our monthly specials.
Why consider this service when it’s a luxury we currently do not need?  

A cleaning service allows you to spend more quality time as a couple  and/or family. Remind your spouse that time spent with family is not a  luxury, but a precious commodity. Your children will remember the places  you took them, the attention you gave them, and the traditions you  created as a family.

How hard can it be to keep this home clean and still be content?  

Start by making a list of all the chores involved with cleaning your  home properly. Compare it to our checklist as a guide. Then split the  chores for one week between yourself and your spouse, commit to doing  them all as efficiently as possible. This exercise will show what a task  to maintain your home properly week after week can be, and why it's  worth funding to ensure it gets done on a consistent and effective  basis. Keep in mind if you have kids, you have to pick them up from  daycare, school and take care of the family pets. Then you have to  prepare dinner and help the kids with homework.
Why does it take home cleaners so long, when I clean my home within two hours or less?

Many people think a professional house  cleaner should be able to clean their home faster than it would take the  homeowner. This is a misconception by many people. When most homeowners  clean their homes; they clean differently than a house cleaner.  Homeowners know what areas they can skip and usually don't clean all the  areas that professionals do. Take for example; many homeowners may skip  the toilet(s) when cleaning the bathrooms, they may only wipe down the  counter and mirror and possibly the cabinets. If they do clean the  toilet, they usually don't get the area behind it. Professional  residential cleaners do a thorough clean, which in the end, normally  takes longer.
How do I deal with the idea of letting stranger(s) into our home?  

Talk it over with your spouse and agree there are risks to hiring any  service company, especially those that are undocumented or operating  without the proper documents. Show him or her all of the security  measures and other protections that the company has set in place for  your protection, such as bonding and insurance, members of the BBB with  no complaints, offered routinely by professional cleaning companies.  Have a face to face interview with the person or people that will be  doing the house cleaning. Give them a chance to present their  presentation. Ask questions and make sure you get an answer you are  satisfied with.

Will they clean my home as I would?

Remember that not everyone will do every task "your way".  Keep  in mind that as long as the end result is the same (and it's not taking  an extraordinarily long time), letting your house cleaner work in "his  or her" own way is probably the best way to go.
I hope this section helps in letting you know more about us. We are a reputable Residential and Commercial cleaning company.
We have filed the proper documents with the State of Texas, Internal  Revenue Service and we have current residential and commercial  insurance. Also, we are trustworthy, reliable, wear company uniforms and name badges.
We appreciate you reading this section and would like to earn your business, so please call us at 469.941.2051 or email us at
Thank you so much for your potential cleaning business!   

Ernest Flores
State of Texas
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